Aceitunas Torrent obtain the Halal certification


Aceitunas Torrent has recently obtained the Halal certification granted by the Islamic Board of Spain’s Halal Institute.

After passing an audit that included an analysis of our processes, services and products, this Halal certification guarantees that our products and services respect Sharia Law. This certification recognizes the quality of Aceitunas Torrent products and confirms that they are suitable for consumption by our Muslim customers.

This certification is an essential requirement to operate in markets with a large Muslim population. ‘’This is distinctive seal that further reinforces our expansion in the Arab world, where many of our brands have been present for many years and where we have a loyal customer base”, points out our Sales & Marketing Director, Inmaculada López.

Seal of Trust

Halal certification is not based on a single audit, but instead represents a continuous alignment of our practices with Sharia law. It is a seal of quality and sustainability and adds value to all our products.

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