Aceitunas Torrent: packaging and formats

Aceitunas Torrent Packaging and formats

As you know, we’re a company which markets and distributes table olives, and today we’d like to talk to you about the importance of packaging and formats. In our case, the main ones we use are tin cans, glass jars, barrels and bags.

Before going through our extensive portfolio in detail, we’d like to stress that the main function of the packaging is to protect and preserve the food from being contaminated by external sources.

The container also maintains the shape and texture of the food, preventing it from losing its flavour or aroma and also lengthening its shelf life. In addition, the container is a fundamental tool to help a product stand out and boost its sales once the product is launched on the market.

The extensive portfolio of Torrent brands

Our company specializes in dressing, packaging and marketing green and black Spanish table olives, of the Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Gordal varieties, in a range of different presentations: whole, pitted, sliced, stuffed and flavoured.

Both our standing on the market and the different distribution channels we have built up for the different product presentations mean that we now boast an extensive portfolio of formats and brands.

Aceitunas Torrent’s range of containers and formats

As we mentioned before, the packaging is extremely important and really affects people’s purchasing choices. Depending on the channel or market in which the product is marketed, more or less importance is attached to its basic functional benefits, such as safety, delivery or comfort, among others. The packaging conveys these benefits, to a large extent, through its manufacturing material and capacity, which is why at Aceitunas Torrent we offer a wide selection of formats made of various materials.

Glass jar: This is one of the best containers for holding olives, since it allows the olives to be seen and prevents them going off after opening. Of the nine formats that we work with in this material, the most popular size is the A370,with a capacity of 370 ml, which coincides with its net weight: 370 g. In this category, the largest format is the Gallon Jar, which holds 3,898 ml and weighs 3,850 g.

Tin cans: These containers are the most eco-friendly of all. Tin is a sustainable material and the cans can be given more than one use, as well as being very easy to recycle. The tin prevents light from passing through, which is why it’s the container that conserves olives the best. Here at Aceitunas Torrent, we have different sizes of tin cans, with our iconic 8-kilo can of green or black olives, also known as the A20, a market leader. Due to its size, it’s the ideal format for the restaurant and hospitality trade, while in retail, the most popular format is the 12-ounce format, which holds 370 ml. and has a net weight of 350 grams.

The containers for the ‘The Coolives’ and ‘Oliva Clan’ ranges of Aceitunas Torrent snacks are all made from tin. Both brands combine innovative and attractive designs with air-tight liquid-free packaging.

Aluminium bags: Our aluminium containers are available in 1 and 2 kg formats and targeted at the HORECA channel. These bags are extremely safe as they have no sharp edges which might cause cuts, and also take up less space than other bulky can or glass formats. This makes them easier to transport and optimizes logistics, thus helping us to reduce our carbon footprint. Aceitunas Torrent currently sells these bags in a large number of countries, and they are quickly gaining popularity due to the advantages they offer.