A new year, a new schedule

Fairs and commercial events

The new year always marks the starting point of a new schedule for our commercial activity. For a Spanish company like Aceitunas Torrent which exports and sells olives, attending fairs – both in Spain and further afield – is a key factor for business growth. Fairs are commercial events where companies are given the opportunity […]

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The olive harvest

the olive harvest

When is the olive harvested? The collection of table olives takes place in autumn, during the months of September and October when the fruit reaches its correct size, and before it begins to change colour, although the type of plantation, the methodology, and techniques applied in the collection and the state of the ripening of […]

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Do olives contain cholesterol?

Do olives contain cholesterol? If you’ve ever asked yourself that question, well don’t worry! Olives contain no cholesterol. In fact, they really help us to regulate our cholesterol levels and prevent heart disease. Among other beneficial compounds, olives contain polyphenols, which are substances that prevent the oxidation of LDL (‘bad cholesterol’) and its accumulation in […]

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The Coolives, the new range from Aceitunas Torrent, wins award as one of the 10 best international food innovations

TOP 10 innovation

The Coolives won this prestigious innovation award at Anuga, the top international agri-food fair, with the winners being chosen from over 1,300 participants: The Coolives was the only Spanish product among the winners. Over the last five days, at the Anuga fair (this year entitled “Transform”), over 4,600 food and beverage companies from 98 countries […]

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