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Today’s society is multicultural, and it goes without saying that we have to take into account all the existing differences in terms of religion and education – and food is no exception.

Aceitunas Torrent is a company with a long history of exports, and we annually carry out audits to certify our products in order to comply with the food standards of the Jewish (Kosher) and Muslim (Halal) religions.

The Kosher market is on the rise year after year, and in the United States and Europe, it has seen a dramatic growth over the last decade. One interesting fact is that in the US, although less than 2% of the population is Jewish, at least 40% of all packaged supermarket products are Kosher.

Kosher certification allows us to be accessible to all the different markets and to support the current cultural diversity in society, while at the same time subjecting our processes to the strictest quality controls.

What is Kosher?

The Hebrew word “Kosher” means ‘suitable’ or ‘convenient’. Kosher foods are foods which are prepared according to Jewish dietary standards, and which are accepted for consumption since they meet the dietary requirements stipulated in the Hebrew Bible.

Aceitunas Torrent Olives
Aceitunas Torrent certified kosher company

What does kosher certified mean

Aceitunas Torrent received its first kosher certification in 2010. The process involved a committee, led by a Rabbi, visiting our premises to ensure that we comply with the Jewish dietary law (Kashrut), which regulates two aspects:

– Types of food permitted

– How this food is prepared

During the visit to the factory, the Rabbi must verify that the machinery, processes and all the ingredients (olives, brine, lactic acid, etc.) which are involved in the production of our olives comply with the rulings of Jewish law.

All the individual ingredients must be Kosher, for the Rabbi, after verifying all the procedures in the factory, to award the certification to our company.

Here at Aceitunas Torrent, since 2010, we have renewed the Kosher certificate annually for all our brands, and more recently, Oliva Clan and The Coolives have been added to the list of Torrent brands with Kosher certification.

Thanks to these processes, obtaining this certification not only gives the product added value, but is also a guarantee of quality, health and sustainability: these are precisely the values on which our daily work at Aceitunas Torrent is based.

Top quality olives

One of our main objectives is to keep abreast of new developments in the demand for food which may arise, in both the markets where we operate and in those we do not, in order to be able to foresee and satisfy needs perceived by customers.

We want our clients to trust us and our products, and so we submit all our processes, facilities and products to a number of internationally-recognized official certification systems.

In this way, the management, production and packaging of our olives are subjected to the most stringent quality controls.

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