We support the Global Compact

Aceitunas Torrent and Global Compact

The United Nations Global Compact is a platform for business and non-business entities to proactively network and engage in areas of human rights, labour, environment, anti-corruption and contributing to UN goals in order to achieve the common objectives of building a sustainable and inclusive global economy. With more than 10,000 participants spread across 145 countries, the Global […]

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7 reasons you must eat olives

7 reasons you must eat olives|reasons to eat olives

Why is it healthy to eat olives? Here are 7 great reasons to snack on olives regularly. 1. Cardiovascular benefits. When free radicals oxidize cholesterol, blood vessels are damaged and fat builds up in arteries, possibly leading to a heart attack. The antioxidant nutrients in black olives impede this oxidation of cholesterol, thereby helping to prevent heart […]

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