Olive oil, the best companion for all the world’s cuisines

Torrent 1898 olive oil is produced by blending the best varieties of extra virgin olive oil from our harvests.

There’s a Spanish saying that goes the best cook is the olive oil jar. Olive oil forms the basis of the Mediterranean diet, and is a key ingredient in the prevention of not only cardiovascular diseases, but also cognitive decline and depression. In fact, it’s a superfood!

Its manifold nutritional properties have made olive oil one of the most widely consumed foods. However, although it appeals to palates around the world, it is produced in only a few countries, most of which are located in the Mediterranean basin, with Spain the leading producer and exporter worldwide.

Torrent 1898 - Extra Virgin Olive Oil
AceitunasTorrent 1898 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Thanks to their knowledge of the land, the olive-growing processes and its optimal yield, four generations of the Torrent family have developed a line of high quality table olives which draws on their in-depth knowledge of the habits and tastes of consumers in each country, enabling us to market high quality oils.

Here at Aceitunas Torrent, we have always striven to market products which are highly valued by our customers and distributed to all corners of the world. This is why, in addition to our different brands and formats of table olives, Aceitunas Torrent has also marketed a wide range of olive oils under the same label as its well-known brands, adapted to the particular needs and requests of each client.

Torrent 1898 Extra Virgin Olive Oil

One of the most widely sold products is our top quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO). This oil is obtained directly from our olives exclusively by mechanical means, and is produced from a blend of the varieties Hojiblanca (the main olive variety we work with), Arbequina and Picual.

In addition to extra virgin olive oil, another product in high demand is pomace oil, both in PET, glass and can formats. Its high quality makes it ideal for frying food more times than other oils without altering the properties of the food products, which makes it a profitable product to market to the hospitality and food industries, as it guarantees the dishes will be of a high quality.

This growing demand highlights the great qualities of Spanish oil, which is highly valued in every home in the world.