Openvac: just open and enjoy!

The Coolives en openvac
Openvac tins with The Coolives and Oliva Clan

Today we are going to talk about the Openvac containers in which our most innovative olives come: The Coolives and Oliva Clan.

It is an original system in which the packaging breaks the traditional canning schemes since a high vacuum is used in the container to achieve an absolutely hermetic seal, but with a very easy and safe opening. It opens effortlessly and since there is no liquid inside, there is no risk of splashing, making it perfect for on-the-go consumption. It is so handy that even the little ones can handle it without any problem.

In addition, when pulling the tab on the lid, the vacuum is broken and the characteristic sound that is produced is evidence of the good state of preservation of the food. With the total elimination of oxygen, changes in the flavor and color of food are avoided, thus preventing the destruction of vitamins and trace elements. In this way, not only is it possible to extend, in our case, the useful life of the olives, but they are also preserved more authentic and natural.

Advantages of the container

Thanks to this new method of preservation, we have a product that remains intact for longer, since it does not contain air, preventing the oxidation of the food. We add another advantage: it is not necessary to add steering fluid, so its use is possible at any time and place.

The Openvac system ensures the quality of the product with its original qualities. Open one of our cans and you will find healthy olives full of smell and flavour. Incredible!

But how is this achieved? This form of vacuum requires less exposure time to high temperature in its sterilization and pasteurization processes and, in addition, the use of salt for conservation is reduced, maintaining the vitamins and minerals of the food.

Looking a little further, and in line with our commitment to environmental sustainability, the Openvac system allows, on the one hand, the reduction of discharges by not containing conservation brine, and on the other, its design helps to optimize its transport, thus reducing the CO2 emission.

Our products at Openvac: The Coolives and Oliva Clan

Both are our most groundbreaking ranges and, why not say it, they are more than olives… They are a superfood!

In the case of The Coolives, we are dealing with a healthy product for adults, with eight different tastes, with the two traditional flavors of green and black olives and six aromas carefully chosen to take them anywhere and consume them easily, as well as having the potential of being the main ingredient in any recipe and being the ideal appetizer to accompany drinks. The containers present attractive designs with names, each one more original. They are our coolest olives for a reason.

Not far behind is Oliva Clan, an innovative range of pitted olives with six different flavors, four flavored and two with the traditional flavors of green and black olives aimed at children. This product that constitutes one of the healthiest snack options for children due to the recognized nutritional values ​​of the olive: great contribution of fiber, iron, vitamins and calcium, among others.