About Aceitunas Torrent: The Quality Department

Continuing our series of posts which help you get to know a bit more about the day-to-day routine here at Aceitunas Torrent, it’s now time to focus on a key department which has gained even more importance in recent years, our Quality Department.

The main mission behind all our work at Aceitunas Torrent is to strive to meet our customers’ expectations and needs. For this reason, we follow strict quality norms and a traceability system that allows us to follow the whole process from the olive tree right up to when the product reaches the consumer.

Following our Quality Policy, we also carry out regular tests and analyses of all our products to guarantee the highest quality of our olives, as well as exhaustive controls overall the suppliers of raw materials and packaging. Here at Aceitunas Torrent, we follow strictly the established categories and standards set by the current regulations, in order to offer our clients delicious table olives of the highest quality.

Thanks to the introduction of our advanced traceability system, in Aceitunas Torrent we can locate and identify any product manufactured on our premises, from the stage when the raw materials arrive, to its delivery and its arrival at its final destination. State-of-the-art applications and digitalized data allow us to monitor all the quality parameters of every batch which is being packaged.

quality products of Aceitunas Torrent
Aceitunas Torrent Green Pitted Olives

Our database also records the reception of raw materials, such as the olives themselves or the containers, and the processes of production, packaging, pasteurization and sterilization, among other information. This data allows us to consult the manufacturing history of each of our products at the touch of a button, as well as to guarantee safety standards throughout the production process.

The communication in Aceitunas Torrent

Our internal and external communication channels also help us to respond to demands for information about the food safety management system. The communication with suppliers, customers, responsible authorities and other interested parties is transparent, fluid and effective, in order to access all the necessary information all along the food chain.

Thanks to our commitment to quality, we have been awarded the most important quality certificates (IFS, BRC, ISO, Halal and Kosher), which verify that we attain the highest standards in our products and production processes, thus meeting the expectations of our clients and the requirements the food industry demands internationally.

Our ultimate goal is to maintain the optimum level of quality and food safety in all our products.