What is The Coolives?

The Coolives snack|

The Coolives is the new range of pitted, flavoured Torrent olives in a new snack format aimed at adults.

As with the creation of Oliva Clan, our flavoured olives for children, with The Coolives, Aceitunas Torrent has gone for a snack product which you can eat on the go.

The product range consists of unflavoured green olives – ORIGINAL GREEN – and others flavoured with coconut, mojo picón (garlic and paprika) and curry, along with various options of black olives – ORIGINAL BLACK – plus pineapple, cherry and black truffle flavours.

These olives won’t leave anyone indifferent

The state-of-the-art tin comes in eye-catching colours and is vacuum-sealed, with an easy-open system.

Like Oliva Clan, The Coolives olives are canned and liquid-free, making it easier to eat them anywhere, anytime.

‘The Coolives’ lifestyle brand is based on a philosophy consisting of three main ideas: Cool, Live & Care, which invite you to enjoy life’s small pleasures, while taking care of yourself and respecting the environment.

The ‘Cool’ bit refers to the definition of The Coolives as a snack, so you can enjoy it anywhere.

‘Live’ refers to the idea of striking a balance between mind and body. The Coolives invites you to look after your body and your general well-being, and so live better.

‘Care’ refers to the responsibility of each and every one to protect the environment, which is why its packaging was designed to be 100% recyclable.

The Coolives is the new product range by Aceitunas Torrent
Enjoy The Coolives- Cool, Live and Care

Who consumes The Coolives?

Specially designed for those people who enjoy a little snack anywhere (that’s right, even at work!), and those looking for a healthy snack, a special ingredient in a recipe or as a nibble together with wine or beer.

The benefits of consuming olives

The consumption of table olives brings numerous benefits, increasing our levels of fibre, iron, vitamin E and oleic acid.

What’s more, The Coolives is a particularly healthy type of food, since the olives contain a reduced salt content, making them a 100% healthy snack.

One tin of The Coolives olives contains 56 grams of olives, with an energy intake of less than 100 kcal, 0.5 grams of salt and 0% sugar.

It’s unquestionably a healthy, tasty and innovative snack which is great to eat at any time. Our range of innovative, healthy and sustainable products really makes for a winning combination.

Want to know where to buy The Coolives? Keep an eye out on our social media, and we’ll let you know very soon!

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