After almost 120 years in operation, Aceitunas Torrent has won numerous awards in recognition of its export activities and work in support of the community..

The history of Aceitunas Torrent in awards…

  • Aceitunas Torren SME of the Year 2021 in Córdoba

    Winner of the V Pyme Award of the year 2021 in Córdoba out of 49 candidate companies for their international vocation, commitment to innovation, inclusion of quality employment and social policies.

  • The Coolives, the new range from Aceitunas Torrent, wins award as one of the 10 best international food innovations

    The Coolives won this prestigious innovation award at Anuga, the top international agri-food fair.

  • Aceitunas Torrent, 2020 Spanish Food Award in the category of “Internationalization of Food”

    The award was given to Aceitunas Torrent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in recognition of its international record and its commitment to innovation in the Spanish food sector.

  • Aceitunas Torrent, chosen as a showcase of innovation for 2021

    With this innovation award for its new product ranges, Oliva Clan and The Coolives, the company gains further recognition as one of the most innovative agro-food companies in Spain.

  • Product of the year category Children’s Snack OLIVA CLAN

    Product of the year award in the children’s snack category for Oliva Clan, according to a survey of 10,013 individuals. The most innovative product in the food sector.
  • Ganadores CEPYME

    Felipe Gonzalez de Canales Award

    “Felipe González de Canales” Award for innovation and research to the Torrent family, an example of a family business that has managed to innovate and project Spain internationally through table olives.
  • Ganadores CEPYME

    2020 Mujer AGRO Award : Blanca Torrent

    Blanca Torrent, General Manager of Aceitunas Torrent, has been the winner of the second edition of the Agro Awards, in the Women’s category. The aim of the award is to promote the empowerment of agro-professional women and the professionalisation of rural women.
  • Ganadores CEPYME

    Winners of the Cepyme Award in the category of International Development.

  • Premio Alas 2016

    Winners of the XIII Alas Awards for the Internationalization of Andalusian Business in the category of “Foreign Business”.

    El País and radio station Cadena Ser, in the category “We Are International”.
  • Reconocimiento 2015

    Recognition by the Red Cross for the firm’s special collaboration in favour of the social and occupational integration of people in difficult circumstances.

    Winners at the fourteenth edition of the “Andalucía Económica” awards in the category of “Internationalization”.
  • Premio Igualdad 2014

    “Córdoba en Igualdad” Awards from Cordoba Provincial Council in the category of “Professional Trajectory”.

    “Familia-Empresa” Award from the San Telmo Foundation for the company’s work as a family enterprise. Fifth Awards for Excellence in Andalusian SMEs, sponsored by Grupo Joly and Caixabank.
  • Premio Cordobodeses del año 2011

    “Cordobeses del Año 2011” Award from Diario Córdoba.

  • Awards Iniciativa 2009

    “Iniciativa 2009” Award from Cordoba Provincial Council in the category of “Corporate Responsibility”.

  • Premios Iniciativa 2008

    “Iniciativa 2008” Award from Cordoba Provincial Council in the category of “Technological Development and Innovation”.

    Quality Award at the Gulfood Fair 2008, through the Lebanese Fruit Company (Lifco).
  • Premio Alimentos de España

    “Alimentos de España 2004” Award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, for foreign promotion.