Aceitunas Torrent puts on a show again at Anuga

The innovative Spanish company from Córdoba presents its new range of olives for snacking on the go: The Coolives.

Anuga is a twice-yearly fair which takes place in Cologne (Germany) and is one of the key global meeting points for the agri-food industry. Its latest edition brought together over 160,000 attendees and 7,000 exhibitors, with top brands from all around the world showcasing their latest products.

Aceitunas Torrent brought to this edition its 4 flagship brands: Torrent, Torrent 1898, Oliva Clan and, as a first for the sector, its innovative product range of flavoured olives in snack format, The Coolives.

The Coolives is the company’s response to the changes in market trends and provides yet another example of its innovative contributions to the sector.

A novelty in the sector: flavoured olives

The Coolives range of olives consists of olives flavoured with eight different aromas: two with the classic flavours of black and green olives and six with the aroma of pineapple, coconut, cherry, mojo picón (a spicy pepper sauce), black truffle and curry.

The olives are pitted and – here is the novelty – packed without liquid, in individual portions, ready to consume anywhere at any time, thanks to the vacuum-sealed easy-to-open container.

The presentation of The Coolives is just as classy, using attractive, functional and sustainable packaging.

The container is a tin, thus avoiding the use of plastic, and is 100% recyclable and reusable. It comes in a modern, attractive design, and it’s an ideal container for reusing, giving it a second life and encouraging the circular economy.

Healthy, to go and sustainable.

This new brand of olives in snack format is our answer to recent consumer demands for a ‘snack to go’ which is quick to open, healthy and environmentally-friendly.

Not only is the product itself making waves for its innovative character and attractive brand image: the COOL, LIVE & CARE philosophy we promote has also won over many fans, with The Coolives looking set to become a lifestyle brand.

Enjoy your Coolives anytime, anywhere.

More from Aceitunas Torrent: olives in snack format

The Coolives is Aceitunas Torrent’s second brand of olives in the snacks category – there’s also Oliva Clan, the winner of a number of awards and recognitions over the year.

Oliva Clan was named 2021 Product of the Year in the children’s snack category, and together with The Coolives, was given a special mention in the 2021 Innovation Report of the Spanish Observatory of Innovation in Mass Consumption.

What’s more, the recent Food of Spain award granted by the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food highlights the company’s innovative potential with these two novelty ranges.

These awards highlight the innovative international trajectory of Aceitunas Torrent over the years, which, since its foundation in 1898, has always kept a watchful eye on the future.