Getting to know Aceitunas Torrent: The Export Department

Torrent stand

For over 120 years now, Aceitunas Torrent has been at the forefront of the Cordova olive sector, and from the very beginning has been eager to export its products. Francisco Torrent Terol was the first director to export olives from Aceitunas Torrent over a century ago. The practice continues to this day, thanks to the commitment of successive generations of the Torrent family to supply all corners of the world with Cordovan olives. Not surprisingly, Aceitunas Torrent now represents an international benchmark in the production of Hojiblanca black olives.

Aceitunas Torrent, olives exportation

The export department is organized into geographical areas (Arab countries, the rest of Asia, America and Europe), and bears witness on a daily basis to our passion for exporting olives. Each area is run by an Area Manager, a key figure in any export company. It is their job not only to forge links between the clients and the company but also to channel all the relevant information about the different markets to the rest of the Aceitunas Torrent department. How? Providing key data about consumer trends and the products which are popular with consumers in each country.

To achieve this, it is essential to have continuous contact with customers, visiting them regularly whenever possible, and attend the sector’s international trade fairs.

Torrent stand
Aceitunas Torrent’s products

An Aceitunas Torrent team oriented towards the client

The profile of a typical Area Manager is a professional who handles a wide range of tasks. They are oriented towards customers and markets, have expert know-how about the geographical area, the product and the distribution channels, and knows how to respond to the specific needs of the catering and retail sectors. They keep abreast of the most popular types of olive, formats, size and presentation in each country, thanks to their regular contact with clients, importers and distributors in the 50+ countries to which Aceitunas Torrent exports olives.

The Area Managers are the public face of Aceitunas Torrent: a highly-qualified, well-coordinated team which strives to win the trust of our clients and earn a reputation based on quality and efficient service.

Our increasing volume of exports has led to the development of a reliable, experienced logistics department, which guarantees that Aceitunas Torrent products always reach their destination safe and sound! In another post, we will tell you all about this key department in the Aceitunas Torrent set-up.

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