Review of the year 2020

review of 2020

No one would deny that 2020 has been a year we’ll never forget. It has been a year in which we have all faced considerable problems and challenges, and Aceitunas Torrent has also had its ups and downs. This September brought the sad news of the death of our honorary president, Mr. Francisco Torrent Béjar, […]

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Olive oil, divine treasure

Bottle of Olive oil

An icon of the Mediterranean diet and culture, olive oil is undoubtedly one of the best examples of combining gastronomy and health. Although the nutritional properties of “liquid gold” were well known in the ancient world, this superfood has the capacity to continue to surprise us with its great versatility in terms of presentations and […]

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Aceitunas Torrent obtain the Halal certification

Aceitunas Torrent has recently obtained the Halal certification granted by the Islamic Board of Spain’s Halal Institute.After passing an audit that included an analysis of our processes, services and products, this Halal certification guarantees that our products and services respect Sharia Law. This certification recognizes the quality of Aceitunas Torrent products and confirms that they […]

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