Aceitunas Torrent at the Dubai World Expo 2020

Aceitunas Torrent was chosen in 2020, for its international projection and for representing a quality Spanish product, to be present at the showroom of the Spanish pavilion at the Dubai World Expo 2020, which due to the Covid-19 pandemic, will be held from October 1, 2021 to March 31, 2022.

The presence of Aceitunas Torrent in the United Arab Emirates will not come as a surprise, since our company has a great reputation and is well-known in the Middle Eastern countries, which are major consumers of olives, especially black olives, of which Aceitunas Torrent is a leading producer.

Expo Dubai 2020 will be the first global post-pandemic event of its kind to be organized in the Middle East, and visitors from over 200 countries and international organizations are expected to attend. It is sure to be an ideal international showcase for our products, with Aceitunas Torrent being the only table olive company present, along with 7 other Spanish agri-food companies, Estrella Galicia, Palacio de Oriente, La Chinata, Virginias, La Española, Giulius and Granja San Francisco.

Expo Dubai 2020

Lucky visitors to Expo Dubai will be able to appreciate the full range of our Oliva Clan and The Coolives brands, our gourmet olives stuffed with Piri-Piri peppers and sweet garlic from the Torrent 1898 range, as well as packs which have been specially designed for the occasion.

The full list of brands represented at the Expo includes fashion companies (Adolfo Domínguez, Roberto Verino and El Ganso), jewellery firms (Tous, Uno de 50 and Aristocrazy), accessories (Alma en Pena) and multi-brands (Real Madrid and Natura Bissé).

The 6,000-square-metre pavilion is located in the sustainability-themed area, and is built from reusable, eco-friendly materials such as fabric, wood and iron. The cone-shaped roof also works as an air conditioner, cooling the air as it flows downwards through the cone. But the eye-catching architecture not only regulates the high temperatures – it also highlights the links between the Spanish and Arab worlds.

It’s definitely a great place to wander round!