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About Aceitunas Torrent: The Quality Department

Continuing our series of posts which help you get to know a bit more about the day-to-day routine here at ...
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Aceitunas Torrent at the Dubai World Expo 2020

Aceitunas Torrent was chosen in 2020, for its international projection and for representing a quality Spanish product, to be present ...
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Olive oil, the best companion for all the world’s cuisines

Torrent 1898 olive oil is produced by blending the best varieties of extra virgin olive oil from our harvests. There’s ...
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Premios Alimentos

Aceitunas Torrent, 2020 Spanish Food Award in the category of “Internationalization of Food”

The award was given to Aceitunas Torrent by the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food in recognition of its international ...
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