Awaken your senses

Gourmet olives

Aceitunas Torrent has developed a new premium range of Gordal olives, selected for their firm skin and meaty flesh, hand-stuffed with natural and exotic fruits. These olives have been designed to awaken your senses with their contrasting textures and flavours, which come in caramelized, natural and spicy versions. Presented in an elegant square glass jar of 300 g featuring premium packaging and finishing materials.

Gourment extra-virgin olive oil

Our gourmet extra-virgin olive oil originates in the olive groves of the Torrent family and represents a coupage of the finest varieties of extra-virgin oils from our production presses.

The Torrent family has been making this extra-virgin olive oil for its own use since 1898. In 2014, it was decided to put it on sale so that the most discerning gourmets could savour this limited edition oil, full of nuances, that was previously a well-kept family secret.