Aceitunas Torrent renew the Global Compact

Ten years after Aceitunas Torrent first joined the Spanish network of the Global Compact, it is a great honour for us to reaffirm our commitment to the United Nations Global Compact for one year more. This commitment can be seen clearly in our adherence to 10 principles of this agreement in our daily business dealings, which aim to help meet the objectives set out by the United Nations in matters of human rights, the environment, sustainability and anti-corruption.

More than 13,000 companies from different sectors from over 160 countries around the world take part in this initiative, thus forming the largest corporate social responsibility movement in the world.

The agreement reaffirms our company’s duty to continue developing sustainably, while at the same time safeguarding the environment and improving the society in which it operates.

To mark the tenth anniversary of our accession in 2021, new guidelines have been drawn up to continue working in line with economic, social and environmental sustainability, as outlined in the Sustainable Development Goals.

Tenth anniversary of our accession, with the focus on sustainability

Among the matters we are addressing at the 2020 global compact are our company’s strategy and governance, and the different interest groups which surround it – employees, customers and suppliers, and society in general.

It is no surprise that this report also includes how the Covid-19 pandemic was managed and how the company updated its contingency plans to cope with this new situation.

One of the most influential sections in our global pact is the one dedicated to the environment and sustainability. This is one of the keystones of our company and covers all the main projects in which we are involved here at Aceitunas Torrent.

We are convinced that these new objectives and strategic lines, together with all the efforts Aceitunas Torrent have made so far to comply with these principles, in addition to improving the company’s competitiveness, will allow us to continue contributing to the advancement of society and the environment, thus putting the focus firmly on people and on planet Earth.

Aceitunas Torrent, master olive producers.