Aceitunas Torrent arrives at Partridges of London

Torrent’s olives at Partridges

Aceitunas Torrent is one of 14 Spanish companies to have been selected to participate in the promotion of products from Spain at Partridges, the prestigious gourmet shop based in London.

From last February 4 until next Tuesday 18 our olives, packaged in glass and tin format, as well as our Torrent 1898 range of stuffed olives, can be purchased at its two stores and market (Sloane Square and Gloucester Road).

The FIAB (The Spanish Food & Drink Industries Federation), with the support of MAPA (The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), has enabled 14 Spanish companies to participate in a Point of Sale Promotion at Partridges. In addition to our olives, customers in London are able to purchase Iberian meats (Spanish ham from COVAP and Consorcio del Jabugo), extra virgin olive oil (Castillo de Canena, La Chinata and Aceites García de la Cruz), sparkling water and juices (Vichy Catalan), chocolate and confectionary (Valor, Bomnons Cudie and El Almendro), saffron (Verdú Cantó Saffron Spain), Honey (Mielso), Canned food (Conservas Agromar) and olives (Faroliva).


Partridges, Royal Warrant holder and grocer to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, was founded in 1972 and is one of the few remaining independent family-run fine food shops in Central London. It still cherishes its original idea of providing the very finest quality foods to its customers.

Spain and United Kingdom, important trading partners.

The food and beverage sector is the largest industry in Spain. Within this market, the UK is extremely important, representing 8% of total Spanish agri-food exports, with a value amounting to €4.1 billion.

Spanish products also represent a large proportion of all agri-food products imported into the UK, representing 9% of the country’s total agri-food imports.

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