Aceitunas Torrent presents a new range of flavoured olives in Anuga

Aceitunas Torrent presents a new range of flavoured olives in Anuga||

Customers from all over the world flocked to our stand 

Anuga 2019 was another special event for Aceitunas Torrent. Anuga celebrated 100 years of food innovation since its first edition in 1919 and Aceitunas Torrent chose this fair to present its latest product: Oliva Clan, an olive snack with flavours.

The event was held in the German city of Cologne over five days from October 5 to 9. Customers and visitors from all over the world flocked to our attractive stand to taste our latest snack.

We divided our exhibition space into two areas, one dedicated to our brands, where visitors could see the wide range of our olives al oil products. The other part of our stand was reserved specifically for Oliva Clan. Visitors could see a huge 8 square meter colourful vinyl with the four characters of the new brand who represent the four flavours, a personalized totem with flyers and a counter for tasting the products.

A team of three people travelled to Anuga

“Oliva Clan will change the way you consume olives”

A team of three people travelled to Anuga, in addition to our General Director, Blanca Torrent, who did not want to miss such a special moment for the company. Blanca was delighted to present Oliva Clan that will be a very innovative olive product that will change the way you consume this fruit.

Aceitunas Torrent has mastered the secrets of the elaboration of table olive over more than a century. We are pleased to continue this tradition by offering this new product into the market.  

In fact, “Oliva Clan liked it so much in Anuga that it exceeded all the expectations we had”, explained Inmaculada López, our Sales & Marketing Director. 

Anuga 2019 breaks records

One more year, Anuga has broken all records.More than 170,000 trade visitors, a 3% increase from 2017, attended the 2019 edition, with more than 75% of them being foreign. In addition, 7500 exhibitors presented their products, 90% of which from outside Germany. 

Anuga is consolidated as an exhibition that serves as a showcase for manufacturers, distributors and suppliers around the world, from all key sectors within the food. This trade show has allowed Aceitunas Torrent to position itself as one of the leading producing companies in the table olive sector.

If you would like to know more about Oliva Clan… don’t miss Gulfood 2020. Aceitunas Torrent will be there to surprise you with more delicious products.


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