Aceitunas Torrent attend PLMA, the meeting point of key European distributors

PLMA-Torrent-Olives|PLMA Aceitunas Torrent|PLMA-Olives-Torrent-European distributors
PLMA-Olives-Torrent-European distributorsAfter attending the fairs of Gulfood (Dubai) and Foodex (Japón) ,, Aceitunas Torrent set course for PLMA, the main meeting point for the European Grand Distribution that was held in Amsterdam on 29th and 30th May. An exhibition where, once again, Aceitunas Torrent showcased its wide range of products and formats, such as tins, glass jars and pouches. Always with its ongoing commitment to offer a one-to-one customer service.
Format and product flexibility as a differentiating element
Aceitunas Torrent’s commercial team, who took part in RAI Exhibition Center of PLMA have positively appraised the assistance by the fabulous response to our stand. Being proud, that “the productive flexibility and the quality of our olives make us stand out from our competitors and are highly valued by the distributors”. The Private Label Manufacturers Association fair, better known as PLMA, has become an essential meeting for Aceitunas Torrent that recognizes the fundamental role and potential growth private labels have, together with its well established house brands –Torrent, Torrent 1898, Olivalife, Samaoliva, Bostoliva, Privilegio Al-Andalus. According to the PLMA International Yearbook, private labels have market shares that reach all-time highs in European countries, like Spain (52%), Switzerland (51%), and the United Kingdom and Germany with shares above 45%, figures that reflect the confidence placed by consumers in retail brands. See you in our next destination, Sial Paris, from 21st to 25th October. À bientôt!

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