We market olives in a wide range of formats


‘First impressions count’, as the saying goes, and Aceitunas Torrent takes great care about its image and that of its products – and not just at the first impression!

Our company has been involved over recent years in a steady process of updating its corporate image and that of all its brands, including the flagship brand Torrent, Olivalife, Samaoliva, Bostoliva and Privilegio Al Andalus.

Torrent brands – an extensive portfolio

Aceitunas Torrent specialises in dressing, packaging and marketing of Spanish table olives, both green and black, of the Hojiblanca, Manzanilla and Gordal varieties, in a wide range of different presentations: whole, pitted, sliced, stuffed and flavoured.

If we also add our own influence and the demands of the various distribution channels to these different ways of presenting olives, it makes up an extensive portfolio of formats and brands.

For the HORECA market, we use large glass and can formats for our different brands of olives, as well as 1- or 2-kilo aluminium bags. In addition, for the Retail and IMPULSO channels, we sell smaller tin can and glass formats. Our ranges of olives in snack format, Oliva Clan and The Coolives, have been developed precisely to take into account the rising demand for this type of format.

Containers and formats of Torrent Olives

How the olives are packaged really matters and it has a great influence on purchasing decisions. Depending on the channel or market in which the product is marketed, some of its basic functional benefits, such as security, delivery and comfort, are valued more highly than others.

Extensive portfolio of Aceitunas Torrent

These benefits are largely inferred from the container, the manufacturing material and the capacity, so here at Aceitunas Torrent, we offer a wide selection of formats, made from the following materials:

  • Glass: This is one of the best containers for olives: not only does it preserve all their properties, but it also allows them to be viewed easily and stored longer after opening without going off, a characteristic which is greatly appreciated in stores.

Of the 9 formats that we work with in glass, the most popular size is A370, with a capacity of 370 ml and a net weight of 370 grams.

  • Tin can: This container offers a number of eco-friendly advantages – it is sustainable (easy to recycle) and can have more than one use. One important characteristic is that the solid, opaque container does not allow light to pass through, and it is also the most airtight container that exists for preserving olives. At Aceitiunas Torrent, we produce various sizes of cans, and lead the market with our iconic 8-kilo cans, also known as the A20, of green or black olives. This format is ideal for HORECA establishments with a high olive consumption, while in the retail channel, the most popular format is 12 ounces, with a capacity of 370 ml and a net weight of 350 grams.

This is the material used for the latest additions to the Aceitunas Torrent brand portfolio, the Oliva Clan and The Coolives ranges, whose innovative design features practical, tightly sealed and liquid-free tin cans, with the added plus of being able to reuse the container.

  • Aluminium bags: Available in 1 and 2 kg formats, this format is mainly aimed at the HORECA market. Its advantage over the other formats lies in the safety of the bags, which do not cause cuts, and the fact that it occupies less space compared to other more bulky tin or glass formats, thus adding to the ease of transport and optimizing logistics, while also reducing the carbon footprint.

Currently, Aceitunas Torrent produces aluminium bags for a large number of countries, and its advantages mean that it is steadily growing in popularity.

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